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Ensuring a Healthy Workplace – DSJ Breakdown

During the ups and downs of life that we all go through, prioritizing mental and physical health is always on the agenda of many people. Something that many people can find difficult is prioritizing mental and physical health in the workplace. This article will break down some of the ways employees can prioritize their overall well-being at work, and how business owners can promote a work environment that prioritizes the health of their employees.


According to a report provided by the U.S. Surgeon General, 84% of employees say they experience at least one thing at work that they believe impacts their overall health. There was a variety of different answers when it came to what these negative impacts are. Some of the answers included draining work, and difficulty maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Surgeon General Vice Admiral Vivek Murthy stated that employees and business owners can do five things to promote a healthier and more productive workplace. We will break down these five things during this read.

Safety From Harm

When employees carry out their daily tasks, they want to be ensured they are safe and secure. Employers can promote this by having codes on the doors to promote physical safety. Promoting access to resources and lending an open ear also helps employees feel more comfortable and secure.

Sense of Belonging

Business owners and managers should always promote positive social interaction throughout the workplace. Employees spend a good portion of their lives in the workplace, so promoting collaboration, teamwork, and inclusivity will make all the time employees spend working more positive.

Work-Life Balance

In the new era of working remotely, business owners and employees can sometimes come to a misunderstanding regarding when it is an employee’s free time or when they should be working. There are a couple of things that employers can do to avoid this scenario. The best thing a business owner can do is establish crystal clear boundaries on when an employee should and shouldn’t be working. Once these boundaries are established, employers should do everything in their power to respect these boundaries.

Valuing Employees

It is safe to say that everyone appreciates being recognized for the goals they achieve. This should be no different in the workplace. Business owners should instill a workplace culture that recognizes hard work, celebrates hard work, and rewards it when possible.

Opportunity for Growth

Something that will always keep potential hires attracted to a business is when that business offers opportunity for their employees to grow in certain areas and develop new skills while on the job. Providing adequate training, education, and offering mentorship will keep employees motivated to grow and help the company.

Wrap Up

This is simply an outline of what business owners can do to keep their workplace more healthy and productive. By instilling some of these things into the culture of the workplace, employers may even see a rise in employee morale, retention, and overall productivity of the workplace.

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