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When it comes to keeping track of the numbers in business, the task can seem hugely overwhelming and voraciously time-consuming. Maintaining accounting records, staying in compliance with tax regulations and making weekly or bi-weekly payroll can be a hardship on many businesses.

Should Your Company Outsource?

If you are considering hiring a full-time, entry-level bookkeeper, it may be more cost effective and more beneficial to your company to engage the services of a professional accounting firm on a part-time, outsourced basis instead. When hiring an accounting firm, you are not only getting expert bookkeeping, but that individual is backed by a team of expert advisors who can streamline your accounting processes. Bringing in outside expertise can improve efficiency and have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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DSJ also provides interim services for companies on the hunt for a full-time CFO or other crucial accounting position. We can even assist in the hiring and transition process if a company chooses.

Outsourcing allows you to hire precisely the resources you require on an as-needed basis. That can result in tremendous savings.

DSJ has a stable of individuals with different expertise and levels of experience. We can evaluate your business and assign you an ideal match.

Whether you are a company that is too small to man a full-time accounting department or big enough to need a controller, outsourcing can be an ideal solution.

DSJ brings a wide range of accounting and tax expertise to businesses and not-for-profits. So, when it comes to outsourcing at any level, from bookkeepers to high-level CFOs, our clients benefit from the expertise of our entire CPA firm.

What about Not-for-Profits?

In the case of nonprofits, outsourcing can mean more dollars directed toward development and outreach, for example, with fewer dollars needed to support an internal accounting staff.

Auditing Firms Love Us

A substantial number of our referrals come from other accounting or auditing firms who recommend us to companies that need help and guidance in getting their accounting in shape for an audit.

More businesses are beginning to realize that when they hire DSJ on an outsource basis, they are getting the full force and know-how of a CPA firm. They’re getting accounting expertise, knowledge and experience—that’s priceless.

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