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Litigation Support Advisory Services

Business litigation proceedings can be tedious and seemingly overwhelming. The DSJ Advisory Group works with all parties involved, providing the data and expert guidance that enable you to receive the best possible legal outcome.

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Our Litigation Resources and Services

At the DSJ Advisory Group, our extensive list of resources and long-lasting professional relationships with trusted attorneys allows us to give our clients top-tier service. Working directly with law firms specializing in fiscal litigation, we compile all essential data and documentation, providing expert testimony when necessary.

Pretrial Preparation

Our litigation support team begins working on your case long before the trial date. We thoroughly prepare your attorneys to aptly represent your business in the courtroom, aiding in the discovery process by:

  • Developing document requests
  • Preparing interrogatories
  • Conducting interviews
  • Assisting in pretrial depositions
  • Reviewing and critiquing the record of the opposing counsel

Forensic Accounting and Forensic Audits

While forensic accounting pertains to any fraud committed against the business, forensic auditing relates to fraud for the business. At the DSJ Advisory Group, our litigation support team aids in both, providing clients with:

  • Analysis of accounting issues in complex commercial litigation
  • Bankruptcy or business proposal analysis
  • Damage Calculations
  • Due Diligence and compliance audits
  • Expert witness testimony for demonstration/communication purposes
  • Identification of departures from customary business practices or professional standards
  • Investigation of fraud, money laundering, or embezzlement
  • Participation in settlement negotiations
  • Preparation or analysis of insurance claims
  • Reconstruction of accounting records

The DSJ Advisory Group assists businesses in legal matters ranging from inter-office disputes to cases involving the SEC.

Expert Testimony

The DSJ Advisory Group provides expert testimony on various subjects that are critical to financial litigation proceedings, including:

  • Business losses
  • Breaches of contract
  • Calculation of marketability and minority-interest discounts
  • Fraud
  • Gift and estate tax valuation
  • Insured losses
  • Lost profits
  • Valuation of operating businesses

Business Valuation Services

Business valuation is often an integral part of adequate litigation support. We assist in business valuation matters, including:

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Gift or estate tax
  • Marital dissolution
  • Purchase or sale transactions