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U.S. Adds 339k Jobs in May – DSJ Breakdown

Despite it being another month of raised interest rates and inflation, the month of May was still a productive month for the United States when it comes to adding jobs to the economy. Employers rejoiced during the month … Continue reading


Accountant Gets Two Years in Prison For Filing False Tax Returns

A  Jefferson City, Missouri tax preparer has been handed a prison sentence of over two years after he was convicted of filing false tax returns for himself and others. Josiah Mator Jr is a U.S. citizen who immigrated from Liberia … Continue reading


Ensuring a Healthy Workplace – DSJ Breakdown

During the ups and downs of life that we all go through, prioritizing mental and physical health is always on the agenda of many people. Something that many people can find difficult is prioritizing mental and physical health in the … Continue reading


Debt Ceiling Deal Will Cut IRS Funding

A bipartisan deal to raise the debt ceiling and impose spending caps has been made by the United States government. Part of this deal involves reallocating approximately $20 billion of the $80 billion of funding that the IRS was set … Continue reading


Coping With Work Related Stress – DSJ Breakdown

It is fair to say that every job comes with some work-related stress, regardless of what that particular job is or how much it pays. Everyone that has held a job at some point in their lives can most likely … Continue reading


Deal is Finally Made on U.S. Debt Ceiling

President Joe Biden and Republican House members have finally made a deal regarding the U.S. debt ceiling, after weeks of intense negotiations. Although Speaker McCarthy and the President have reached a deal, this does not mean the deal is set … Continue reading


IRS Resumes the Sending of Balance Due Notices

It has been reported that the Internal Revenue Service will begin sending out automated tax collection notices once again. These balance-due notices were paused from being sent out last year in order for the IRS to try and catch up … Continue reading


Accounting & the Cannabis Industry – DSJ Breakdown

As the use of legal cannabis is becoming more common around the United States, the recreational marijuana industry is expected to be valued at $100 billion in the coming years. In an industry that is growing rapidly, there is a … Continue reading


Disney Beginning Third Round of Job Cuts – Plans to Cut Workforce by 7k

Earlier this week, the Walt Disney Company started its third round of job cuts within a few months. In this swarm of firings, it is expected that roughly 2,500 workers will be fired from the entertainment giant also known as … Continue reading


IRS Cracking Down on Tax Return Identification Theft

Throughout the past few tax seasons, the Internal Revenue Service has been increasing its efforts to intercept fraudulent tax returns filed by identity thieves. Despite the agency ramping up these efforts, these scammers still continue to collect millions of dollars … Continue reading