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Disney Beginning Third Round of Job Cuts – Plans to Cut Workforce by 7k

Earlier this week, the Walt Disney Company started its third round of job cuts within a few months. In this swarm of firings, it is expected that roughly 2,500 workers will be fired from the entertainment giant also known as Disney.



A companywide memo was sent by Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger to his employees in late March. The memo stated that the company planned to have the third and final round of layoffs finished before the beginning of summer. The memo also went on to state that the company was looking to eliminate 7,000 jobs in total throughout the three rounds of firings. The previous two rounds saw Disney lay off roughly 4,000 employees. After slashing another 2,500 jobs in what is supposed to be the final round of layoffs, the company could still be short of its goal to eliminate 7,000 jobs.

Disney Workforce

In the United States alone, approximately 166,000 people are employed by the Walt Disney Company. In Countries other than the United States, Disney also employs roughly 55,000 people. Out of this 220,000 total, over 75% of these employees work for the company full-time.

Wrap Up

According to Disney, the company is undergoing a massive restructuring. This requires cutting jobs in order for them to save money. The company also said that these job cuts and restructuring will allow Disney to save roughly $5.5 billion. This announcement was made in March, and now it is seen that Disney has stuck to its word. Now we will have to wait and see if any more cuts will be made in the future.

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