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Our Commitment to Accounting Expertise

Since 1972, DSJ has been a full-service accounting firm in Nassau County, NY dedicated to the needs of our clients. From inception through completion, every engagement is led by a firm partner. In addition, you receive in-depth accounting expertise from DSJ’s team of well-rounded managers, accountants, bookkeepers and support personnel who are prepared to tackle any challenge you may be facing.

couple talking to financial advisor

Our Vision & Mission

DSJ’s goal is to provide exceptional financial, tax and consulting services to our current and prospective clients by meeting and exceeding their needs and expectations.

Our Core Values

Our primary focus as an organization is to deliver high quality financial products. Within our service organization, we encourage the ultimate balance between outstanding client service, family and financial success. Ours is a culture of pride, growth and passion that enables us to attract and retain the best and brightest professionals. We accomplish this by staying true to our core values.

Leadership – We value leadership and expertise both in our market segment and within our firm as we eagerly develop the next generation of leaders.

Knowledge We concentrate on growing our collective technical expertise to meet the needs of ever more sophisticated clients.
Integrity – We deal with our clients and colleagues in a fair and ethical manner; thereby gaining trust through our actions.
Service – We have a service mindset and demand quality in everything we do while expecting the most from ourselves.