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Assurance Services

Our assurance services provide our clients with objective and comprehensive analyses of their financial data, procedures, and systems. This evaluation gives us the information necessary to provide detailed reporting on the overall accuracy, stability, and completeness of relevant financial materials.

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The Highest Level of Confidence

At DSJ, we pride ourselves on giving our clients confidence in the knowledge that they have all the tools and data needed to make intelligent financial decisions. Promoting transparency and integrity, our assurance services navigate you toward a healthy financial future.

Assurance Levels


Providing the highest level of assurance, an audit involves an extensive look into your financial statements, including supporting documents and data. Our auditing process enables us to provide insight into whether your financial data is adequately presented, adhering to the correlating fiscal reporting structures.

Financial System Analysis

Auditing may incorporate a financial system analysis, providing helpful information regarding:

  • Accounting software
  • Chart of accounts
  • Financial reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Internal controls


Providing a moderate assurance level, a review consists of a slightly less comprehensive examination of your fiscal data. However, our review process still allows us to determine the plausibility of your financial statements.


The lowest level of assurance, a compilation entails the preparation of financial statements based on the information you provide.

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