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Office Attendance in Manhattan Increases, More Companies Sticking to Hybrid

Over the last few months, office attendance in Manhattan rises slightly among some of the largest employers in the city. However, an overwhelming number of workplaces will stay hybrid this year. Among the least likely to show up in person continue to be those from Long Island as well as other suburbanites.

Attendance Rising Slightly

As of late January, 52% of workers in offices are reporting to work on average daily, which is up from 48% in September, according to a survey by the group, the Partnership for New York City. The survey also highlighted that only 9% of workers are in the office 5 days per week, which remains unchanged since September. Full remote workers dropped from 16% to 10% as well. “We’re moving in the right direction, in terms of people reconnecting with the office,” Kathryn Wylde, the partnership’s president and chief executive, said in an interview about the survey, which queried more than 140 major Manhattan office employers, between Jan. 5 and Jan. 28″

Pre-Pandemic Levels and The Hybrid Model

Attendance however, is still nowhere near pre-pandemic levels of about 80%, according to the survey, and 82% of employers expect to continue their hybrid models through 2023 and beyond. According to New York City’s planning department, about 315,000 Long Islanders commuted to city jobs before the Coronavirus pandemic: 225,100 from Nassau County and 89,300 from Suffolk County. The majority of them went to Manhattan for jobs. The state’s Labor Department estimates that 22% of employed Long Islanders live in the city. The latest figures were not available.

Those most reluctant to schlep back to work being suburbanites, no longer are citing fear of the subways. Now, it’s just the flexibility of not having to commute, and “they just prefer to have a couple of hours back in their day,” Wylde said.

“We now have had almost three years of learning and adapting to working on a hybrid basis or a remote basis,” he said, adding: “It has now become part of the culture of the country.”

Wrap Up

With more and more companies shifting away from fully remote work, and more into the hybrid space, it is encouraging to see more people walking throughout the streets of Manhattan and occupying office buildings. A small step in getting back to pre-pandemic normalcy.

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