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Stephen Jahelka

Stephen Jahelka, CFA

Chief Operating Officer

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from Harvard University, Stephen Jahelka’s life has always been about impressive achievement. After acquiring his much-coveted degree, Stephen pursued his accountancy dreams at KPMG US, rising to the level of Senior Associate in just three years, where he served in the firm’s forensic department.

Now as COO at DSJ, Stephen has leading-edge ideas in mind for his contribution to the firm, which he terms a “three bucket” plan of action: “Organic growth is a critical part of the business and is vital to our company’s expansion, so we plan on implementing technological advances that are instrumental to that growth.”

Stephen also plans on DSJ both partnering with and purchasing companies in symbiotic industries, for the betterment of each company involved. “We can work hand-in-hand to add value to each business, as well as to our client base.”

In addition, he will focus on collaborating with budding start-ups outside the usual purview of the industry. “I’m excited because there are a lot of entrepreneurs capitalizing on global trends, firms that are taking big risks. If they have a vision, in anything from real estate to rockets to cannabis, we can help them. We will grow as they grow, and be there to help them expand their business and achieve their goals.”

“This is why I made the jump to DSJ and look forward to being here in 100 years,” he laughs. “We have the opportunity to do something transformative in this industry. Going forward, we will always have one eye on the future and one on the here and now.”

Little Known Facts About Stephen

Most Inspired By: His parents. Learning from their hard work and diligence, he was inspired to work hard, push forward toward his dreams, and always be in charge of his own future.
Proud Participant: Stephen volunteers as Treasurer for the Friends of Garden City Football Group. Last year the group raised more than $25,000 for the town’s kids.
Most Prized Award: In his senior year of high school, Stephen won the James J. Regan award, bestowed on recipients for leadership and excellence in athletics and academics.
In a Nutshell: Stephen is driven. “I always try to stay busy, whether raising money for charity or traveling across the globe; there’s a lot to do in this world.”

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