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Margaret Teelucksingh

Margaret Teelucksingh


It is unknown where Margaret Teelucksingh would be today without DSJ & vice-versa. Having been with the firm since its inception and even working for Bob Jahelka before the formation of DSJ, Margaret possesses mastery when it comes to satisfying clients and helping her coworkers. She considers herself a “Jack of all trades” as her vast work experience has allowed her to excel at bookkeeping and a plethora of other services required by clients.

Born and raised in Trinidad, Margaret spent a decade and a half working for Trinidad’s Ministry of Finance before bringing her work ethic and knowledge to the United States. When she is not hard at work in the office, Margaret is a homebody who is truly grateful for the small things in life, such as cooking meals for her and her beloved son. Margaret’s favorite restaurant is her own kitchen as she does not eat out! Some other things that help Margaret relax outside of work are walking around the house barefooted and reading a good hard copy book, she loves the feel of the grass beneath her feet, and enjoys seeing the leaves blow in the wind and change colors with the seasons. She doesn’t recall receiving many toys as gifts, but rather books from her father, which she believes was a pivotal part of her life that contributed to her kind heart and high intelligence. Margaret believes in doing good, such as offering meals to the hungry, and has deep faith in prayer.

Little Known Facts About Margaret

Dream Vacation: Being able to visit Trinidad was her dream vacation
Favorite Book: Soul of Lilith by Marie Correlli
In a Nutshell, Margaret: Is considerate, treats others fairly, and is true to herself
Most Prized Award/Thing: Strength through experiences in her life. The ability to rise above pitfalls.

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