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IRS Still Working On Millions of Unprocessed Tax Returns

In the Internal Revenue Service’s latest update on the status of its mission-critical operations during COVID-19, they reported that they still have 4.4 million unprocessed returns filed as of October 28th. This includes late filed returns from the … Continue reading


Inflation Calming Down – October Numbers Better Than Anticipated

According to a report that was released earlier in November, the Consumer Price Index had a total rise of 7.7% for the year ending in October. This may be a relieving sign for Americans that have been suffering the consequences … Continue reading


Didn’t Receive the 2022 New York Stimulus Check? Here’s Why

Almost 2 million New York residents were eligible for a relief check from the state’s Department of Taxation and Finance in October, however, many residents are still waiting for their checks. The state began mailing the $270 checks on October … Continue reading


Tax the Rich Movement – Fails in California But Passes in Massachusetts

A measure was recently voted through in Massachusetts that is ultimately a measure that raises taxes on the States’ millionaires. There was an intense duel between the state’s unions and wealthy individuals, but the measure to raise the taxes on … Continue reading


New York Surpasses Half Billion in Mobile Sports Wagering Tax Revenue

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul recently announced that New York State has collected $542 million in tax revenue since the state began allowing online wagering in early January. These numbers are more than any state in the nation during that … Continue reading


Small Businesses are Using Zelle for Tax Loophole

Over the past year, it is becoming more common for small businesses to no longer accept 3rd party payment options like Venmo, Cash App, and PayPal; however, a lot are still accepting Zelle. The reasoning for this is that … Continue reading


U.S. Adds 261,000 New Jobs in October, Higher Than Expected

Despite the recent Federal Reserve interest rate increase, which was aimed to slow the job market, October was a strong month for the nation’s labor market. The country saw an increase of 261,000 jobs for the month, however, the unemployment … Continue reading


Biden Addresses Oil Firms – Says He Will Seek Tax on “Windfall” Profits

As the midterm elections are among us, U.S. Gas prices are still extremely high. To address this problem, President Biden stated that he is seeking to charge more taxes on certain oil companies. The oil companies that he seeks … Continue reading


Is the 4% Rule Outdated in 2022?

The 4% Rule is a “Rule of Thumb” used by many people when it comes to retirement planning. Many experts, however, now say it needs an update in 2022. The idea behind the 4% rule is pretty simple, over your … Continue reading