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Most Common Mistakes Taxpayers Make on Their Taxes

Tax season can be an extremely stressful time for accountants and taxpayers alike. Doing your taxes can be an extremely complicated process without the right help, and people are bound to make mistakes from time to time when dealing with collecting all the right information needed to file.

This article will be highlighting some of the most common ones, and how you can avoid making them.

Filing Too Early

While you don’t want to wait until the last second to file your taxes, you also can file too early. Some taxpayers try and file as soon as the tax window opens and if you don’t have all the necessary documents needed, it can lead to processing delays on your returns. S make sure you have all the necessary documents and information before filing to ensure a smooth process.

Missing or Inaccurate SSNs

Making sure you put your Social Security Number clearly and accurately on all documents that require it is an extremely important step in ensure you receive your return in a timely manner.

Inaccurate Information and Math Mistakes

We know, there’s a ton of information you need to provide to the IRS like wages, dividends, bank interest, among many other things if applicable to you. All of these must add up to the correct amounts in order to calculate the tax, credits, and deductions. So make sure you are calculating carefully to get the most accurate information.

Incorrect Bank Account Numbers

Direct deposit is the most efficient way to get that tax return you’ve been waiting for into your pocket however, if the IRS doesn’t know where to send that money it can create more headaches down the road. Ensure you have all your correct banking information when filing so you can get the money your entitled to as soon as possible.

Wrap Up

Tax season is here, and it is imperative that you have all the necessary information to get those taxes filed, and the returns into your pocket as efficiently as possible. That’s why you should consider DSJ for your tax needs, providing excellent accounting services for 50 years and will ensure you get the most out of your return.

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