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New York Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Seeking Tax Cut- Recreational Sales Incoming

Statewide, roughly 125,000 people are registered medical marijuana recipients in New York. After the state’s fairly recent legalization of recreational marijuana, the medical cannabis industry in New York is seeking some reforms.  The overall goal is to have the state government offer more affordable and accessible medical cannabis to registered New Yorkers.

High Medical Prices

Kevin Harbison, who is a doctor of pharmacy, had this to say about the situation in New York. “Patients are struggling because prices are high. Right now, the organizations will pay on behalf of the patient a seven percent tax. With adult-use coming, all that revenue that’s coming on the tax side should offset what the state is requiring the payment on behalf of the medical patient,” said Kevin Harbison, a doctor of pharmacy.

The Budding Recreational Industry

When the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act was passed last year, it removed some qualifying conditions that ultimately allowed more users to access cannabis for medicinal needs. However, several recreational dispensaries are preparing to open their doors across all of New York. With the incoming of several recreational cannabis stores, many New Yorkers are beginning to think there is no longer a need to apply for a medical marijuana card.

Wrap Up

The Idea of surpassing the medical route is entirely up to New Yorkers. However, if the expensive prices of medical marijuana continue, we may see people taking the recreational route. We will have to wait and see if the medical cannabis industry’s wishes for tax breaks will be granted. It also remains to be seen if the medical side of marijuana can keep up with the budding recreational side.

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