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Annie Phillips

Annie Phillips

Firm Administrator

Annie Phillips is the firm administrator at DSJ. After earning a degree from Penn State, Annie gained her expertise and experience while working in Administration. Over her 20-year career, she developed a passion for standardizing firm processes and increasing efficiency. Her experience in management and customer service makes her a reliable problem solver that consistently works towards her goals so that DSJ and its clients get the most optimal results. Annie describes herself as a visionary that is very motivated in her professional life. This allows her to consistently bring fresh, results-driven ideas that build a solid foundation for the future growth of DSJ.

Annie is the type of person that is always up for a long walk or hike in nature, she tries to spend time outside as much as she can. Annie enjoys traveling and one day plans to drive the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Outside of her professional accomplishments, Annie is a proud mother. Her strong and motivated characteristics allow Annie to balance being a single mom, while also excelling in her professional career.

Little Known Facts About Annie

Things Annie Loves: “Like all good moms, I have to say my kids.”
Favorite Hobby: Cooking
Proudest Personal Accomplishment: Donating a Kidney
Favorite Show/ Movie: The Original Star Wars Trilogy

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